Busoga Wells Project in Uganda

The club project to support The Busoga Trust was initiated by Past President Cate Whitewood and for her inspiration and dedication to alleviating water poverty Cate was awarded a Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship in 2019.

The Busoga Trust’s mission is to contribute to eradicating poverty through the delivery of quality services to improve the life of rural communities in Uganda. By providing sustainable safe water with adequate sanitation the recipients enjoy better health and hence improved life and employment opportunities. This is a mandate for all in helping to achieve Rotary's sustainable development goal number six which calls for “Access to water and sanitation for all”. 

The Busoga Trust is committed to ensuring healthy and prosperous communities. The Trust set out key objectives, key among them being the promotion of effective and sustainable utilisation and management of drinking water at community and household level. 

Cate has been working hard with other Rotary clubs in the district to raise funds to refurbish 100 wells which have become unusable. To date 13 wells have been returned to effective use improving the lives of some 6,000 people.

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Rotary in Somerset & West Dorset is proud to be supporting The Busoga Trust, a charity dedicated to supplying safe, clean water in Uganda. Through its borehole rehabilitation programme, rusted galvanised iron pipes are replaced with stainless steel which creates long-lasting sustainability. Here's an image of the final length of pipe entering a 176ft deep borehole!